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Alternative Investments: A Possibility with an IRA at Pacific Premier Trust

If you're serious about your retirement, have a look at alternative investments and self-directed IRA services.

The largest and most savvy investors in the world have long enjoyed the benefits of holding alternative assets – from hard assets like real estate to investments in private companies – to grow their retirement assets. And now you can, too.

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Alternative IRA Investments

An alternative investment is any investment that is NOT made up of stocks, bonds or cash, and is not normally traded on an exchange.

With Pacific Premier Trust as your custodian, you can invest in real estate, private equity and many other alternative assets, such as promissory notes, precious metals, commodities and even cattle or restaurant franchises—none of which are normally traded on an exchange.

VIDEO: Alternative Investments: The Pacific Premier Trust Self-Directed IRA (1:07)

Throughout our history, we’ve seen investors leverage a wide variety of personal insights and business experience into successful alternative investment strategies.

A Self-Directed IRA at Pacific Premier Trust

If you want more alternative investment options for your retirement savings, self-directed IRA services from Pacific Premier Trust can help. With an IRA at Pacific Premier Trust you can buy and sell alternative investments and enjoy tax-deferred growth. So, ideally, your money can grow faster as you invest for your retirement. The set-up is quick and easy with these three simple steps: Open an account, fund the account, and make an investment.