Want to keep your alternative assets and traditional investments together?

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In Between Alts?

With Pacific Premier Trust, there is no need to move back to another custodian to invest in traditional assets while you search for your next alternative asset. 

Pacific Premier Trust makes it possible to invest in more than 25,000 mutual funds for free with our online trading tool located within your account, so you can stay invested.

Additionally, we can help investors make investments into stocks, bonds, and ETFs. Our platform allows clients to invest into CDs and annuities as well. Trading mutual funds and equities online is free of charge.

Put your excess IRA cash to work today. 

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Motivated to increase the value of your principal amount invested? Our Market Traded Securities team can help you diversify your equity portfolio with our Online Trading Platform and external broker-dealer. At your request, we can facilitate the execution of stocks, along with the distribution of shares from private funds, restriction lifting, and the purchase of rights and/or warrants, and more. 


Searching for a more predictable income stream? Offset your exposure to a volatile market by investing in the Bonds market and preserve your hard-earned capital.

Mutual Funds

Our Mutual Fund platform gives investors the opportunity to instantly diversify their investments. Unlike Stocks or Bonds, you can use our Mutual Fund trading platform to create a pool of investments that fits your income strategy and investment goals.


Exploring a more tax-friendly portfolio? Unlike mutual funds, ETFs strive to minimize capital gains by doing like-kind exchanges of stock. Just like a stock, ETFs can be traded through our external broker–dealer and offer a broad range of investments and a tax-efficient approach.

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