Customized trustee services for your employee stock ownership plan.

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With 30 years of experience as an alternative asset custodian, Pacific Premier Trust is uniquely qualified to provide a customized solution that allows your employees to hold their private stock and maintain tax advantages with an IRA — even if you terminate or modify your ESOP plan. Once a decision has been made to terminate or modify the plan, Pacific Premier Trust relationship managers will start working with ESOP plan sponsors, company executives, legal advisors and financial advisors to educate ESOP participants on how to continue to hold private stock in a tax-advantaged account.


ESOP Plan Termination 

When a plan is terminated, employees can roll over shares or cash distributed from the sale of ESOP shares into a self-directed IRA. Employees continue to hold their private shares or invest available cash as they choose, including into alternative assets such as real estate or notes, while maintaining tax-deferred status of those shares. 

ESOP Plan Modification 

If continuing to hold their private shares in a tax-advantaged account is an option, Pacific Premier Trust will help employees transfer their shares from the ESOP directly into a self-directed IRA. This allows plan participants to maintain their tax-deferred status and continue to hold their private stock.* 

A dedicated Pacific Premier Trust relationship manager will help ESOP participants establish their self-directed IRA to hold their shares or cash being distributed from the ESOP plan. As a leading alternative asset custodian with 30 years of experience in the custody of alternative assets in IRAs, Pacific Premier Trust possesses a deep knowledge of the IRS rules and regulations that govern holding alternative IRA assets. 

Maintaining tax benefits for plan participants is of paramount importance and this can be done whether a plan is terminated or modified. 

  • Assistance for participants who want to continue to hold private stock in a tax-advantaged account 
  • Unparalleled knowledge of the rules and regulations that govern owning alternatives in IRAs 
  • Dedicated support and assistance from an experienced Relationship Manager 
  • Expertise to seamlessly handle individual or bulk transfers from ESOPs 
  • Award-winning technology to expedite the account opening process 
  • Flexible pricing based on your unique situation 
  • Unlike many broker-dealers, Pacific Premier Trust offers its clients the ability to hold alternative assets such as private equity, real estate, hedge funds, startups, and other non-exchange traded assets in an IRA 

Transaction Trustee

An independent trustee not only reduces your administrative burden, but helps you avoid conflicts of interest. Our dedicated team of ESOP experts negotiate prices, facilitate stock transactions, and ensure ERISA compliance.

Ongoing Trustee

We’re committed to your continued success. That’s why we provide ongoing ESOP maintenance, including distribution processing, trust accounting, fiduciary oversight, corporate governance, and ERISA compliance.

In addition to ESOP Services in the Trust Division, Pacific Premier also offers banking solutions for ESOPs.  

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*Three conditions must apply: the ESOP company is a C corporation at the time of the sale; the ESOP owns at least 30% of the company after the sale; the sale proceeds are re-invested in the U.S. domestic investments within a 15-month window.