We make the investment process as smooth as possible — for you and your clients.

By working with Pacific Premier Trust, we will help you and your clients who would like to invest in your offering with their tax-advantaged retirement funds. Our team of experts can assist and educate investors on the intricacies of self-directed IRA ownership. And our suite of industry-leading technology, can provide you and your clients with a quick and efficient investment experience.

What's in It for You

If you have investors who want to use their retirement funds, Pacific Premier Trust can quickly review offerings to let you know if the asset can be custodied in a Pacific Premier Trust account.1 Pacific Premier Trust will create a seamless investment experience for your investors and will work with them through the life of the investment to help maintain its tax-advantaged status.

What's in It for Your Clients

Your clients will have toll-free access to our Premier Client Service Team and the benefit of working with an IRA custodian with 30 years of experience. Pacific Premier Trust prides itself on being able to guide clients through the complexities of the process of using a self-directed IRA to hold alternative investments while staying on top of regulatory changes that affect self-directed IRAs.

Flexibility and More Options

Self-directed IRAs give investors more flexibility with their retirement funds by allowing them to hold alternative investments. That means more choices for your clients and more opportunity for your fund.

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Private Fund Custody Solutions

As a division of Pacific Premier Bank, a California chartered commercial bank, we have a reverence for regulatory standards. Rest assured, asset custody and safekeeping are paramount. 

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Co-Investment Programs  

Provide employees extra incentive by offering access to potentially highly profitable investments. Pacific Premier Trust partners with world-class private equity firms to custody their employee co-investments made through an IRA. 

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1The review is administrative and does not include suitability or an investment’s merits.


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