Offering employees Co-Investment funds through an IRA.



The Pacific Premier Trust Advantage

Pacific Premier Trust has over 30 years of experience in custody services for private equity assets in tax-qualified accounts, including nearly a decade partnering with certain private equity firms to help enable their employees to make Co-Investments through retirement accounts. Pacific Premier Trust provides streamlined processing specifically designed for Co-Investment programs with eligible employees investing through IRAs, including bulk processing capability for capital calls and valuation updates, online account management, and dedicated administrative support.

Why Establish a Qualified Co-Investment Program?

Pacific Premier Trust partners with some of the largest and most widely respected Private Equity firms in the world to custody their employee Co-Investments made through an IRA. Some reasons to consider establishing a qualified Co-Investment program include:

  • Wealth building opportunities. The ability for eligible employees to invest in employer sponsored and managed funds using qualified dollars, which can enable members of your team to participate in funds that may not otherwise be available in a tax-advantaged manner.
  • Diversification. Co-Investment programs provide your employees with a tool to assist in diversification of their retirement assets across a wider range of assets, including assets that are not typically available to IRAs.
  • Talent retention. A Co-Investment program may give your employees a personal stake in the funds your organization sponsors and manages, increasing their commitment to your organization.
  • A recruiting edge. Offering Co-Investment opportunities can help you attract the best of the best employees for your business and set you apart from other firms that do not offer similar benefits.
  • Alignment of interest. When your employees invest in the funds you manage, their interests become aligned with those of investors, increasing your firm’s appeal to fund investors and potential investors.

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1Please consult with your securities and tax counsel for guidance on eligibility requirements.

Key Features

  • Attract Top Talent
  • Potential Tax Advantages
  • Diversification
  • Industry Expertise

Empower Your Employees

Co-Investment programs allow your eligible employees to participate in investment offerings your firm is managing or offering — potentially granting access to an asset class that may have otherwise been unavailable to them1. These benefits can be amplified by allowing employees to invest with qualified dollars through a self-directed traditional or Roth IRA.


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