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Industry Providers

Working with PENSCO

Leverage the power of PENSCO to delight your clients and build your business. For 30 years, PENSCO has been helping investors use retirement funds to buy and hold alternative assets in their self-directed IRAs. When you work with PENSCO, your clients get access to our expertise and premier service, making it simple for them to invest the way they want to invest.

PENSCO works with the following industry providers:

  • Crowdfunding Sites

    Crowdfunding sites that work with PENSCO can benefit from asset administration pre-review, making it faster and easier for your clients to invest in assets from your platform using their retirement funds. Additionally, our award-winning, highly automated investment process is capable of being integrated directly onto your platform. We also provide the opportunity to announce your platform on The PENSCO Marketplace™.

  • Issues and Sponsors

    Self-directed retirement accounts represent trillions of dollars’ worth of potential funding for new investments, and sponsors can unlock that capital through self-directed IRAs and working with PENSCO. We’ll conduct an asset administration review to ensure it can be held in qualified retirement accounts. Once reviewed, you can send your clients our way – we’ll make it simple and easy for them to invest in your asset using their tax-advantaged dollars.

  • Financial Institutions & Advisors

    Don’t turn clients away when they ask about holding real estate, private equity or other alternative assets in their retirement portfolios. Working with PENSCO, you’ll not only be able to service those clients better, but you’ll also be able to build your business with a unique offering for prospects.

  • Professional Services

    PENSCO provides a host of premium services to our clients, including maintaining a database of exceptional professional services that can help guide them through their investment goals. If you would like to be a part of our database please contact us.

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