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Managing an IRA Account

At Pacific Premier Trust, we know the Account Establishment/Opening process is just the beginning. Once you're up and running with your Pacific Premier Trust account, you can count on us to continually monitor and upgrade our systems to protect your personal and financial information. We're here to help you navigate your ongoing account maintenance, and continue to develop new online tools to help make it easier for you to manage your IRA account.


General Maintenance

As a Pacific Premier Trust client and IRA owner, please remember to always perform the following account maintenance:

  • Pay quarterly fees
  • Maintain minimum cash in account to cover any asset expenses
  • Make required minimum distributions
  • Communicate any asset changes to Pacific Premier Trust

Additional Maintenance, Based on Asset Type:

Private Equity

Numerous events can impact your private equity investments. The investment sponsor is responsible to notify Pacific Premier Trust of the following:

  • Confirmation of the purchase within 14 days
  • Capital calls
  • Liquidation
  • Expenses
  • Additional purchases
  • Annual valuation updates
  • Address and/or name changes
  • Stock splits
  • Corporate actions and events
  • Litigation
  • Final Payoff or Notice of Default

*Client will need to provide notice if sponsor does not respond.

Self-directed IRA investors rely on the help of limited partnership market maker firms to facilitate secondary market transactions when the fund sponsor is not offering this directly. The firms on this Limited Partnership Market Makers list help match buyers and sellers of alternative assets.

Real Estate

Investing in real estate within your IRA means your account is the actual owner of the property. As such, the following ongoing maintenance and documentation is required:

  • Expenses: See our Real Estate Expense FAQs for details
  • Recorded deed
  • Rental agreement: Pacific Premier Trust must review and sign
  • Annual valuation: IRA owner is responsible for annual valuation
  • Sale of property: Please refer to the real estate sale checklist for details.

Deeds of Trust

If your deed of trust has a related promissory note, the following ongoing maintenance and documentation is required:

  • Recorded deed of trust and other applicable documents: Must be submitted within 90 days
  • Payoffs: See our payoff checklist for details
  • Loan payments: Ongoing deposit slips are required


For any notes held in your IRA, you’re responsible to communicate the terms of your investment to Pacific Premier Trust, including:

  • Maturity date of note
  • Any changes to the terms of the note
  • Annual consent 

To learn more about Modification Agreements and how to successfully update assets, please review these instructions on how to submit a modification agreement.

To update the status of a current note held, please use the Note Investment Status form. 

If your note no longer exists, you can remove the note from your account by using the Note Investment Removal Request form. Be sure to submit the required backup documentation indicated on the form.