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How to Turn Your Ideas Into Tax-Advantaged Investments with Pacific Premier Trust

You provide the investment idea. We provide the tax-advantaged platform (and a few experts to guide you through the process). Here's a guideline to get a sense for how it works:

Opening Your Account Funding Your Account Purchasing Assets
Your Steps Your Steps Your Steps
  1. Pick an investment and understand IRS rules about prohibited transactions.
  2. Decide where your investment funds will come from and what type of account you will open.
  3. Understand the timelines and requirements for real estate, private equity, and other asset purchases.
  4. Open an account on

If you are transferring cash from another custodian, sign and submit the transfer-in documents with a copy of your most recent statement.

Transferring assets other than cash may require additional timing or documentation. Please call (866) 818-4472 for help.

Based on the type of asset you plan to purchase (e.g., real estate, private equity, etc.) refer to the appropriate asset checklist to obtain and submit the proper documents to Pacific Premier Trust. We will review the asset for eligibility and ensure the deal is IRS compliant.

All purchases must be made in the name of the retirement account: “Pacific Premier Trust Custodian FBO [Your Name] [Type of Account]"

Pacific Premier Trust Timing Pacific Premier Trust Timing Pacific Premier Trust Timing

Your account will be open within 24 hours after we receive your completed application.

Pacific Premier Trust initiates fund transfer requests within two days of receiving them.

Non-cash assets may require additional documentation and/or review.

Please call (866) 818-4472 for help.

The asset review takes 2-3 days after Pacific Premier Trust receives all required documents from you.

There are also documents required from third parties and are reviewed within 1-2 days of receipt.


It may take 3 to 4 days upon receipt of the transfer request by the current custodian holding the funds. Some custodians can take much longer; for example, a 401(k) rollover could take several weeks.

Documents from sponsors and other third parties vary by asset class and depends on the third party, i.e., mortgage broker, fund sponsor, etc. Typical timing is 5-10 days.