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Award-Winning Alt-Nav™: A Faster Way to Put Retirement Funds to Work in Alternative Investments

Simple. Streamlined. Efficient. Finally.

The Alt-Nav™ guided online investing experience makes the alternative investment management process faster, simpler and better than ever for your clients and investors to invest retirement funds in alternative assets. Alt-Nav™ streamlines what has been a complex and paper-intensive process by using innovative technology to cut the investment process from weeks to days. The technology received the 2018 WealthManagement Industry Award for Alternative Assets. In 2016 Alt-Nav was named 'Most Innovative Technology Solution' by HFM US during their 2016 Technology Awards (reflected as Pacific Premier Trust's former name, PENSCO).

Whether you’re a capital raiser whose investors want to use retirement funds to participate in your offering or a financial advisor whose client is building their nest egg with alternative investments, Alt-Nav™ offers a better way to transact alternative asset deals.    

Faster Simpler Better

Alt-Nav™ uses intuitive upload and drag-and-drop features to save time by eliminating the need to scan, copy, fax or mail documents

Alt-Nav™ clears the path to alternative investing by simplifying a complex and multi-step process from weeks to days

Alt-Nav™ tools provide a guided experience that streamlines the alternative investment process and creates a better way to transact deals

Open. Fund. Invest. Done

Alt-Nav™ online investing technology is evolving Pacific Premier Trust’s premier alternative asset and retirement account expertise into a completely digitized process. We can support you and your clients not only in account creation, but also across all facets of an asset’s administration over its lifetime.

Core Alt-Nav™ Functionality

Online account opening

Online account funding

Digital document submission

Online alternative investing

E-signatures and identity verification

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