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Success Stories

PENSCO enables clients to invest in what they know by providing industry-leading knowledge to help them hold alternatives in tax-deferred retirement accounts. 


“When I wanted an option to invest my retirement funds in real estate, my finance professional recommended Pacific Premier Trust. Unlike some others, Pacific Premier Trust has been hassle-free and I've always been able to get help when I needed it.”

John W.

“If you want private placements in your retirement account, go to Pacific Premier Trust. It will be a smooth and transparent experience.”

Peter G.

“I really see my Pacific Premier Trust account as the ultimate investment vehicle. The people at Pacific Premier Trust have treated me right.”

Justin J.

“I definitely recommend Pacific Premier Trust's Customer Service group for going above and beyond in their professionalism. It is really nice to have a domestic customer service team that can handle questions promptly and effectively.”

Laura T.
Wilmington, NC

“I am happy to refer anyone needing professional IRA information to Pacific Premier Trust. In a world where people don't speak to one another anymore, and service exists in such few places, I feel fortunate to have found Alaine, Aron and Pacific Premier Trust to help me. ”

Bill O.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

*Client testimonials reflect the experiences of individuals who have used PENSCO products and services. These individuals are not paid endorsers of PENSCO and have not received any discounts or compensation for sharing their opinions. All thoughts and opinions expressed by testimonials participants are solely theirs and do not reflect the opinions of PENSCO nor reflect a specific inducement to make a particular investment.