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PENSCO Partners with Delaware Depository

Physical and Traded Precious Metals Can Now Be Held at PENSCO

SAN FRANCISCO PENSCO Trust Company, an alternative asset custodian specializing in the administration of complex investments, today announced new capabilities to hold gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals in tax-advantaged retirement accounts.

PENSCO's agreement with Delaware Depository, one of the nation's leading providers of precious metals custody services, will enable investors with self-directed IRA accounts to purchase and hold actual precious metal at Delaware Depository. The IRS prohibits investors from personally taking possession of precious metals when they are owned in an IRA, but allows a third party to hold the investment on behalf of the IRA.

PENSCO currently provides custody services for both the direct purchase of precious metals, as well those bought and sold on a trading exchange.

"PENSCO's relationship with Delaware Depository provides investors with new opportunities to build wealth by investing in precious metals in retirement accounts," said PENSCO CEO Kelly Rodriques. "PENSCO's expanded ability to hold gold, silver, and platinum is part of its ongoing commitment to deliver the most comprehensive suite of alternative assets custody services for investors and their financial advisors."

To custody precious metals through PENSCO, visit our new account tool or call us at 866.818.4472 to speak with a self-directed IRA specialist.